Heal your body naturally.

Fight chronic disease from the inside with Reishi.

How Reishi Works

Polysaccharides found in Reishi stimulate the maturation of immune cells. These mature immune cells fight pathogens leaving healthy cells alone.


Reishi helps balance immune activity making it a great match for overactive immune systems.


14 days of reishi increased anti-inflammatory/antioxidant markers and protected the blood from oxidative damage with ergothioneine.


Combined with antibiotics Reishi increased antimicrobial activity significantly speeding up overall recovery.


Reishi, has been shown reduce symptoms including tender or swollen joints found in conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.


Some studies have shown that Red Reishi mushrooms have a moderating effect on blood sugar levels, while another study even showed that Red Reishi helped to kill cancer cells.


The Reishi Collection

Reduces redness, spots & acne

Helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines

Great for children’s immunity

Strengthens a weak immune system 

Helps with combating flu/cold & allergies

Dr Maria A Peire

Dr. Maria A Peire is a Physician, Pharmacist and Lawyer specialised in Paediatric Pharmacology within different fields. She is also a physician in Primary Care in Barcelona, professor in masterclasses in private and public institutions, and speaker in national and international congresses & reviewer of medical publications. 

Dr Pere Gascon, M.D. Ph.D

In 2010 I began researching Reishi and the healing properties. Based on the studies found all of my Oncology patients are now on a dose of Reishi.

Dr Carlota Esteve de Miguel

Dr. Carlota studied medicine in Barcelona and later, specialised in nutrition. Currently Carlota is a nutritional coach who has been demonstrating the strong correlation between food intake and curing/prevention of diseases. 

Dr. Ricardo Sánchez Luces

Dr. Ricardo is a Medical Doctor and the chief of the Biomedical department of Hifas da Terra since 2013. He performs advisory tasks in clinical applications of Mycotherapy, he gives medical and scientific support and participates in research projects for the company. 

A few of the doctors and practitioners prescribing Reishi